UGC NET Paper I Solved Questions December 2006 - Part 1

1.       Which of the following is not instructional material ?
(A) Over Head Projector         (B) Audio Casset
(C) Printed Material                 (D) Transparency
Answer: A
2.       Which of the following statement is not correct ?
(A) Lecture Method can develop reasoning
(B) Lecture Method can develop knowledge
(C) Lecture Method is one way process
(D) During Lecture Method students are passive
Answer: A
3.       The main objective of teaching at Higher Education Level is :
(A) To prepare students to pass examination
(B) To develop the capacity to take decisions
(C) To give new information
(D) To motivate students to ask questions during lecture
Answer: B
4.       Which of the following statement is correct ?
(A) Reliability ensures validity
(B) Validity ensures reliability
(C) Reliability and validity are independent of each other
(D) Reliability does not depend on objectivity
Answer: B
5.       Which of the following indicates evaluation ?
(A) Ram got 45 marks out of 200
(B) Mohan got 38 percent marks in English
(C) Shyam got First Division in final examination
(D) All the above
Answer: D

6.       Research can be conducted by a person who :
(A) has studied research methodology
(B) holds a postgraduate degree
(C) possesses thinking and reasoning ability
(D) is a hard worker
Answer: A
7.       Which of the following statements is correct ?
(A) Objectives of research are stated in first chapter of the thesis
(B) Researcher must possess analytical ability
(C) Variability is the source of problem
(D) All the above
Answer: D
8.       Which of the following is not the Method of Research ?
(A) Observation            (B) Historical
(C) Survey                    (D) Philosophical
Answer: A
9.       Research can be classified as :
(A) Basic, Applied and Action Research
(B) Quantitative and Qualitative Research
(C) Philosophical, Historical, Survey and Experimental Research
(D) All the above
Answer: D
10.    The first step of research is :
(A) Selecting a problem          (B) Searching a problem
(C) Finding a problem            (D) Identifying a problem
Answer: B

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