UGC NET Computer Science Solved Mcqs Paper II June 2005 - Part 2

11.       After 3 calls of the c function bug() below, the values of i and j will be:
int j = 1;
{ Static int i = 0; int j = 0;
i++; j++;
return (i) ; }
(A) i=0, j=0         (B) i=3, j=3
(C) i=3, j=0        (D) i=3, j=1
Answer: D
12.       Find the output of the following “C” code:
Main ( )
{ int x = 20, y = 35;
x = y++ + x++;
y = ++y + ++x;
printf (“%d, %d\n”, x, y);
(A) 55, 93          (B) 53, 97
(C) 56, 95          (D) 57, 94
Answer: D
13.       The data hiding is taken care by:
(A) Abstraction                         (B) Encapsulation
(C) Modularity              (D) Inheritance
Answer: A
14.       If a data-item is declared as a protected access specifier then it can be accessed:
(A) Anywhere in the program           
(B) By the base and derived classes
(C) Only by base class                      
(D) Only by derived class
Answer: B
15.       Main()
{ char *str=”abcde”;
printf(“%c”, *str);
printf(“%c”, *str++);
printf(“%c”, *(str++));
printf(“%s”, str);}
The output of the above ‘C’ code will be:
(A) a a c b c d e           
(B) a a c c c d e
(C) a a b c d e              
(D) None of these
Answer: C
16.       An Entity - relationship diagram is a tool to represent:
(A) Data model             (B) Process model
(C) Event model           (D) Customer model
Answer: A
17.       Which of the following tools is not required during system analysis phase of system development Life cycle?
(A) CASE Tool                                    
(B) RAD Tool
(C) Reverse engineering tool
(D) None of these
Answer: C
18.       A black hole in a DFD is a:
(A) A data store with no inbound flows
(B) A data store with only in bound flows
(C) A data store with more than one in bound flow
(D) None of these.
Answer: B
19.       Multi-valued dependency among attribute is checked at which level ?
(A) 2 NF             (B) 3 NF
(C) 4 NF            (D) 5 NF
Answer: C
20.    A WINDOW into a portion of a data base is:
(A) Schema      (B) View
(C) Query          (D) Data Dictionary
Answer: B

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  1. ques 13:-answer should be B
    The data hiding is taken care by:
    (B) Encapsulation