UGC NET Computer Science Solved Mcqs Paper II December 2004 - Part 5

41.       The main objective of designing various modules of a software system is:
(A) To decrease the cohesion and to increase the coupling
(B) To increase the cohesion and to decrease the coupling
(C) To increase the coupling only
(D) To increase the cohesion only
Answer: B
42.       Three essential components of a software project plan are:
(A) Team structure, Quality assurance plans, Cost estimation
(B) Cost estimation, Time estimation, Quality assurance plan
(C) Cost estimation, Time estimation, Personnel estimation
(D) Cost estimation, Personnel estimation, Team structure
Answer: B
43.       Reliability of software is dependent on:
(A) Number of errors present in software
(B) Documentation
(C) Testing suties
(D) Development Processes
Answer: A
44.       In transform analysis, input portion is called:
(A) Afferent branch                 (B) Efferent branch
(C) Central Transform             (D) None of the above
Answer: A
45.       The Function Point (FP) metric is:
(A) Calculated from user requirements
(B) Calculated from Lines of code
(C) Calculated from software’s complexity assessment
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

46.       Data Mining can be used as ................. Tool.
(A) Software     (B) Hardware
(C) Research    (D) Process
Answer: C
47.       The processing speeds of pipeline segments are usually:
(A) Equal           (B) Unequal
(C) Greater        (D) None of these
Answer: B
48.       The cost of a parallel processing is primarily determined by:
(A) Time complexity    
(B) Switching complexity
(C) Circuit complexity
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
49.       A data warehouse is always ....................
(A) Subject oriented    (B) Object oriented
(C) Program oriented (D) Compiler oriented
Answer: A
50.    The term 'hacker' was originally associated with:
(A) A computer program
(B) Virus
(C) Computer professionals who solved complex computer problems.
(D) All of the above
Answer: C

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