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Saturday, 11 April 2015

UGC NET Computer Science Questions Paper II June 2008 - Part 1

1.       Which of the following does not define a tree?
(A)  A tree is a connected acyclic graph.
(B)  A tree is a connected graph with n-1 edges where ’n’ is the number of vertices in the graph.
(C)  A tree is an acyclic graph with n-1 edges where ’n’ is the number of vertices in the graph.
(D) A tree is a graph with no cycles.
Answer: D
2.       The complexity of Kruskal’s minimum spanning tree algorithm on a graph with ‘n’ nodes and ‘e’ edges is :
(A) O(n)
(B) O(n log n)
(C) O(e log n)
(D) O(e)
Answer: C
3.       If a code is t-error correcting, the minimum Hamming distance is equal to:
(A) 2t+1
(B) 2t                 
(C) 2t-1
(D) t-1
Answer: A
4.       The set of positive integers under the operation of ordinary multiplication is:
(A) not a monoid
(B) not a group
(C) a group
(D) an Abelian group
Answer: D
5.       In a set of 8 positive integers, there always exists a pair of numbers having the same remainder when divided by:
       (A) 7
(B) 11                
(C) 13
(D) 15
Answer: A

6.       An example of a tautology is:
(A) x v y
(B) x v (~y)
(C) x v (~x)
(D) (x=>y)˄(x<=y)
Answer: C
7.       Among the logic families RTL, TTL, ECL and CMOS, the fastest family is:
(B) CMOS        
Answer: A
8.       The octal equivalent of the hexadecimal number FF is:
(A) 100
(B) 150  
(C) 377
(D) 737
Answer: C
9.       The characteristic equation of a T flip flop is given by:
(A) QN+1=TQN   
(B) QN+1=T+QN
(C) QN+1=TQN
(D) QN+1=T’+QN
Answer: C
10.    The idempotent law in Boolean algebra says that:
(A) ~(~x)=x
(B) x+x=x
(C) x+xy=x
(D) x(x+y)=x
Answer: B

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1 comment:

  1. Question 1-----Answer should be D

    An undirected graph is a tree iff
    1.the graph is connected
    2.there is no cycle


    A TREE is connected,acyclic(no cycles) graph...

    In option D----word connected is missing so it is not defined.....