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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

1.       Team teaching has the potential to develop:
(A) Competitive spirit
(B) Cooperation
(C) The habit of supplementing the teaching of each other
(D) Highlighting the gaps in each other’s teaching
Answer: C
2.       Which of the following is the most important characteristic of Open Book Examination system?
(A) Students become serious.
(B) It improves attendance in the classroom.
(C) It reduces examination anxiety amongst students.
(D) It compels students to think.
Answer: D
3.       Which of the following methods of teaching encourages the use of maximum senses?
(A) Problem-solving method (B) Laboratory method
(C) Self-study method            (D) Team teaching method
Answer: B
4.       Which of the following statement is correct?
(A) Communicator should have fine senses
(B) Communicator should have tolerance power
(C) Communicator should be soft spoken
(D) Communicator should have good personality
Answer: A
5.       An effective teacher is one who can:
(A) control the class                            (B) give more information in less time
(C) motivate students to learn           (D) correct the assignments carefully
Answer: C

6.       One of the following is not a quality of researcher:
(A) Unison with that of which he is in search
(B) He must be of alert mind
(C) Keenness in enquiry
(D) His assertion to outstrip the evidence
Answer: D
7.       A satisfactory statistical quantitative method should not possess one of the following qualities
(A) Appropriateness    (B) Measurability
(C) Comparability        (D) Flexibility
Answer: D
8.       Books and records are the primary sources of data in:
(A) historical research                        (B) participatory research
(C) clinical research                (D) laboratory research
Answer: A
9.       Which of the following statement is correct?
(A) objectives should be pin-pointed
(B) objectives can be written in statement or question form
(C) another word for problem is variable
(D) all the above
Answer: A
10.    The important pre-requisites of a researcher in sciences, social sciences and humanities are
(A) laboratory skills, records, supervisor, topic
(B) Supervisor, topic, critical analysis, patience
(C) archives, supervisor, topic, flexibility in thinking
(D) topic, supervisor, good temperament, pre-conceived notions
Answer: B

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

41.       Human ear is most sensitive to noise in which of the following ranges:
(A) 1 - 2 KHz                 (B) 100 - 500 Hz
(C) 10 - 12 KHz            (D) 2 - 5 KHz
Answer: D
42.       Which one of the following units is used to measure intensity of noise?
(A) decible        (B) Hz
(C) Phon           (D) Watts/m2
Answer: A
43.       If the population growth follows a logistic curve, the maximum sustainable yield:
(A) is equal to half the carrying capacity.
(B) is equal to the carrying capacity.
(C) depends on growth rates.
(D) depends on the initial population.
Answer: A
44.       Chemical weathering of rocks is largely dependent upon:
(A) high temperature   (B) strong wind action
(C) heavy rainfall         (D) glaciation
Answer: A
45.       Structure of earth’s system consists of the following:
Match List-I with List-Il and give the correct answer.
List-I (Zone)              List-li (Chemical Character)
(a) Atmosphere                        (i) Inert gases
(b) Biosphere                           (ii) Salt, fresh water, snow and ice
(c) Hydrosphere                       (iii) Organic substances, skeleton matter
(d) Lithosphere                        (iv) Light silicates
      (a)  (b)   (c)  (d)
(A) (ii)  (iii)   (i)   (iv)
(B) (i)   (iii)   (ii)  (iv)
(C) (ii)   (i)   (iii)  (iv)
(D) (iii)  (i)   (ii)   (iv)
Answer: B

46.       NAAC is an autonomous institution under the aegis of:
(A) ICSSR         (B) CSIR
(C) ATCTE        (D) UGC
Answer: D
47.       National Council for Women’s Education was established in:
(A) 1958            (B) 1976
(C) 1989            (D) 2000
Answer: A
48.       Which one of the following is not situated in New Delhi?
(A) Indian Council of Cultural Relations
(B) Indian Council of Scientific Research
(C) National Council of Educational Research and Training
(D) Indian Institute of Advanced Studies
Answer: D
49.       Autonomy in higher education implies freedom in:
(A) Administration       (B) Policy-making
(C) Finance                  (D) Curriculum development
Answer: B
50.    Match List-I with List-Il and select the correct answer from the code given below:
List-I (institutions)                              List-Il (Locations)
(a) Dr. Hari Singh Gour University   (i) Mumbai
(b) S.N.D.T. University                        (ii) Baroda
(c) M.S. University                               (iii) Jodhpur
(d) J.N. Vyas University                      (iv) Sagar
      (a)  (b)   (c)   (d)
(A) (iv)  (i)    (ii)   (iii)
(B) (i)    (ii)   (iii)  (iv)
(C) (iii)  (i)    (ii)   (iv)
(D) (ii)   (iv)  (i)    (iii)
Answer: A

Saturday, 26 March 2016

1.       Which of the following is not the characteristic of a computer?
(A) computer is an electrical machine
(B) computer cannot think at its own
(C) computer processes information error free
(D) computer can hold data for any length of time
Answer: A
2.       What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called ?
(A) Column       (B) Value
(C) Address      (D) Cell
Answer: D
3.       This type of software is designed for users who want to customize the programs they use.
(A) freeware      (B) open-source software
(C) shareware  (D) None of these
Answer: B
4.       ICT Stands for
(A) International Communication Technology
(B) Intera Common Terminology
(C) Information and Communication Technology
(D) Inter Connected Terminals
Answer: C
5.       Which of the following statement is not correct?
(A) Computer is capable of processing only digital signal
(B) Computer is capable of analysing both quantitative and qualitative data
(C) Appropriate software is required for processing the data
(D) Computer is capable of processing digital as well as analog signals
Answer: A

6.       Which of the following is the appropriate definition of Information Technology?
(A) Information Technology refers to the use of hardware and software for processing information
(B) Information Technology refers to the use of hardware and software for distribution of useful information
(C) Information Technology refers to the use of hardware and software for storage, retrieval, processing and distributing information of many kinds
(D) Information Technology refers to the use of principles of Physical sciences and Social sciences for processing of information of many kinds
Answer: C
7.       Which of the following statement is correct ?
(A) Virus improves the speed of processing information through computer
(B) Internet does not allow the virus to spread
(C) Virus is a part of software
(D) Virus is an operating system
Answer: C
8.       Which of the following is correct statement?
(A) Computers can be used for diagnosing the difficulty of a student in learning a subject
(B) Psychological testing can be done with the help of computer provided a software is available
(C) A set of instructions is called a programme
(D) All of the above
Answer: D
9.       A set of step-by-step procedures for accomplishing a task is known as a(n) …………
(A) algorithm                 (B) hardware program
(C) Software bug         (D) firmware program
Answer: A
10.    Which of the following is not true about RAM ?
(A) RAM is a temporary storage area
(B) RAM is the same as hard disk storage
(C) RAM is volatile
(D) Information stored in RAM is gone when you turn the Computer off
Answer: B

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

31.       Which one of the following is the most comprehensive source of population data?
(A) National Family Health Surveys            (B) National Sample Surveys
(C) Census                                           (D) Demographic Health Surveys
Answer: C
32.       Which one of the following principles is not applicable to sampling?
(A) Sample units must be clearly defined
(B) Sample units must be dependent on each other
(C) Same units of sample should be used throughout the study
(D) Sample units must be chosen in a systematic and objective manner
Answer: B
33.       If January 1st, 2007 is Monday, what was the day on 1st January 1995?
(A) Sunday       (B) Monday
(C) Friday          (D) Saturday
Answer: A
34.       Insert the missing number in the following series:
4  16  8  64  ?  256
(A) 16                 (B) 24
(C) 32                 (D) 20
Answer: A
35.       If an article is sold for Rs. 178 at a loss of 11%; what would be its selling price in order to earn a profit of 11% ?
(A) Rs. 222.50              (B) Rs. 267
(C) Rs. 222                   (D) Rs. 220
Answer: C
Solution: Let the cost price (CP) of an article be C
Since there is a loss of 11%,
Therefore, SP = C – 11C/100  = 89C/100
By the problem, 89C/100 = 178
 or, C = 178 × 100/89 = 200
therefore, The cost price (CP) of the article = Rs. 200
He should earn a profit of 11 %
therefore, Sell Price (SP) of the article = C +11C/100
= 200 +11× 200/100
 = 222

36.       WYSIWYG - describes the display of a document on screen as it will actually print:
(A) What you state is what you get
(B) What you see is what you get
(C) What you save is what you get
(D) What you suggest is what you get
Answer: B
37.       Which of the following is not a Computer language?
(A) PASCAL                 (B) UNIX
(C) FORTRAN              (D) COBOL
Answer: B
38.       A key-board has at least:
(A) 91 keys        (B) 101 keys
(C) 111 keys     (D) 121 keys
Answer: B
39.       An E-mail address is composed of:
(A) two parts     (B) three parts
(C) four parts    (D) five parts
Answer: A
40.    Corel Draw is a popular:
(A) Illustration programme     (B) Programming language
(C) Text programme                (D) None of the above
Answer: A

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

1.       In a Computer a byte generally consists of:
(A) 4 bits            (B) 8 bits
(C) 16 bits         (D) 10 bits
Answer: B
2.       Which of the following is not an input device?
(A) Microphone            (B) Keyboard
(C) Joystick                   (D) Monitor
Answer: D
3.       Identify the IP address from the following:
(A) 300 .215.317 3                   (B) 302.215@417.5
(C)                    (D) 202-50-20-148
Answer: C
4.       The acronym FTP stands for
(A) File Transfer Protocol       (B) Fast Transfer Protocol
(C) File Tracking Protocol      (D) File Transfer Procedure
Answer: A
5.       Which of the following is an open source software?
(A) MS Word                 (B) Windows
(C) Mozilla Firefox       (D) Acrobat Reader
Answer: C

6.       Which of the following enables us to send the same letter to different persons in MS Word?
(A) Mail join      (B) Mail copy
(C) Mail insert   (D) Mail merge
Answer: D
7.       Line access and avoidance of collision are the main functions of
(A) the CPU                              (B) the monitor
(C) network protocols              (D) wide area networks
Answer: C
8.       In the hypermedia database, information bits are stored in the form of
(A) signals                    (B) cubes
(C) nodes                      (D) symbols
Answer: C
9.       Communications bandwidth that has the highest capacity and is used by microwave, cable and fibre optic lines is known as ………….
(A) hyper-link               (B) broadband
(C) bus width                (D) carrier wave
Answer: B
10.    An electronic bill board that has a short text or graphical advertising message is referred to as
(A) bulletin                    (B) strap
(C) bridge line              (D) banner
Answer: D
A billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure, typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. A digital (electronic) billboard is a billboard that displays digital images that are changed by a computer every few seconds. Banners are simply electronic billboards. Typically, a banner contains a short text or graphical message to promote a product or vendor. It may even contain video clips and sound.