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Thursday, 19 March 2015

UGC NET Computer Science Paper III June 2012 - Part 2

41.       Which layer of OSI reference model uses the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)?
(A) Transport layer       (B) Data link layer
(C) Network layer         (D) Application layer
Answer: C
42.       Which one of the following binary search tree is optimal, if probabilities of successful search and unsuccessful search are same ?

Answer: D
43.       The regular expression for the following DFA
(A) ab*(b + aa*b)*
(B) a*b(b + aa*b)*
(C) a*b(b* + aa*b)
(D) a*b(b * + aa*b)*
Answer: D
44.       Which diagram provides a formal graphic notation for modelling objects, classes and their relationships to one another ?
(A) Object diagram       (B) Class diagram
(C) Instance diagram  (D) Analysis diagram
Answer: A
45.       A computer system supports 32 bit virtual address as well as 32 bit physical addresses. Since the virtual address space is of same size as that of physical address space, if we want to get rid of virtual memory, which one of the following is true ?
(A) Efficient implementation of multiuser support is no longer possible.
(B) The processor cache can be made more efficient.
(C) Hardware support for memory management is not needed.
(D) CPU scheduling can be made more efficient.
Answer: C
46.       The feasible region represented by the constraints x1x2<=1, x1+x2>=3, x1>=0, x2>=0 of the objective function Max Z=3x1+2x2 is
(A) A polygon   (B) Unbounded feasible region
(C) A point        (D) None of these
Answer: B
47.       The colour of an object is largely determined by its diffuse reflection coefficient. If Kd = (0.8, 0.4, 0), then what shall be the colour of the object, if the light used is blue and magenta ?
(A) White and Red      (B) Red and Blue
(C) Black and White    (D) Black and Red
Answer: D
48.       If an instruction takes ‘i’ microseconds and a page fault takes an additional ‘j’ microseconds. The effective instruction time, if on the average a page fault occurs every k instructions, is
(A) i + j/k                        (B) i + j * k
(C) (i + j)/k          (D) (i + j) * k
Answer: A
49.       In any simplex table, if corresponding to any negative Dj, all elements of the column are negative or zero, the solution under the test is
(A) degenerate solution         (B) unbounded solution
(C) alternative solution           (D) non-existing solution
Answer: B
50.    How many relations are there on a set with n elements that are symmetric and a set with n elements that are reflexive and symmetric ?
(A) 2n(n+1)/2 and 2n.3n(n–1)/2
(B) 3n(n–1)/2 and 2n(n–1)
(C) 2n(n+1)/2 and 3n(n–1)/2
(D) 2n(n+1)/2 and 2n(n–1)/2
Answer: D
51.    The strategy used to reduce the number of tree branches and the number of static evaluations applied in case of a game tree is
(A) Minmax strategy
(B) Alpha-beta pruning strategy
(C) Constraint satisfaction strategy
(D) Static max strategy
Answer: B
52.    Match the following :
(i) Regular Grammar                           (a) Pushdown automaton
(ii) Context free Grammar                   (b) Linear bounded automaton
(iii) Unrestricted Grammar                  (c) Deterministic finite automaton
(iv) Context Sensitive Grammar        (d) Turing machine
      (i)   (ii)   (iii)  (iv)
(A) (c)  (a)   (b)  (d)
(B) (c)  (a)   (d)  (b)
(C) (c)  (b)   (a)  (d)
(D) (c)  (b)   (d)  (a)
Answer: B
53.    Consider the below circuit and find the output function f(x,y,z).
(A) xz’+xy+y’z               (B) xz’+xy+y’z’
(C) xz+xy+y’z’               (D) xz+xy’+y’z
Answer: A
54.    What is the size (in terms of bits) of Header length field in IPV4 header ?
(A) 2                   (B) 4
(C) 8                   (D) 16
Answer: B
55.    Match the following with respect to java.util.* class methods :
(a) Bit Set                      (i) Time zone getTimezone( )
(b) Calendar                 (ii) int hashcode( )
(c) Time zone               (iii) int nextInt( )
(d) Random                  (iv) Void setID(String tzName)
      (a)     (b)    (c)   (d)
(A) (ii)     (i)     (iv)  (iii)
(B) (iii)    (iv)    (i)    (ii)
(C) (iv)    (iii)    (ii)    (i)
(D) (ii)     (i)     (iii)   (iv)
Answer: A
56.    ………….. is sometimes said to be object oriented, because the only way to manipulate kernel objects is by invoking methods on their handles.
(A) Windows NT          (B) Windows XP
(C) Windows VISTA    (D) Windows 95/98
Answer: A
57.    A user level process in Unix traps the signal sent on a Ctrl + C input and has a signal handling routine that saves appropriate files before terminating the process. When a Ctrl + C input is given to this process, what is the mode in which the signal handling routine executes ?
(A) User mode              (B) Kernel mode
(C) Superuser mode   (D) Privileged mode
Answer: B
58.    A CPU generally handles an interrupt by executing an interrupt service routine
(A) as soon as an interrupt is raised
(B) by checking the interrupt register at the end of fetch cycle
(C) by checking the interrupt register after finishing the executing the current instruction
(D) by checking the interrupt register at fixed time intervals
Answer: C
59.    The perspective projection matrix, on the view plane z = d where the center of projection is the origin (0, 0, 0) shall be

Answer: B
60.    Radio signals generally propagate according to the following mechanisms:
(A) Modulation, Amplification, Scattering
(B) Reflection, Diffraction, Scattering
(C) Amplification, Diffraction, Modulation
(D) Reflection, Amplification, Diffraction
Answer: B
61.    Identify the devices given below with their IC numbers :
(i) USART                                 (a) 8251
(ii) Micro controller                   (b) 8051
(iii) Interrupt controller                        (c) 8259
(iv) DMA controller                  (d) 8257
      (i)   (ii)    (iii) (iv)
(A) (a)  (b)   (c)  (d)
(B) (b)  (a)   (d)  (c)
(C) (c)  (d)   (a)  (b)
(D) (d)  (a)   (b)  (c)
Answer: A
62.    The optimal solution of the following assignment problem using Hungarian method is
     (A)  (B)   (C)   (D)
(A) (I)  (II)    (III)  (IV)
(B) (I)  (III)   (II)   (IV)
(C) (I)  (III)  (IV)   (II)
(D) (I)  (IV)  (II)    (III)
Answer: B
63.    If a and b are the end points of a line, then which one of the following is true ?
(A) If both end points are left, right, above or below the window, the line is invisible.
(B) If both end points are left, right, above or below the window, the line is completely visible.
(C) If both end points are left, right, above or below the window, the line is trivially visible.
(D) If both end points are left, right, above or below the window, the line is trivially invisible.
Answer: D
64.    Match the following with link quality measurement and handoff initiation :
(a) Networked-Controlled Handoff(NCHO)            (i) MS connect to BS
(b) Mobile-Assisted Handoff(MAHO)           (ii) Process via channel the target BS
(c) Forward Handoff                            (iii) First Generation Analog Cellular System
(d) Hard Handoff                                 (iv) Second Generation Digital Cellular System
      (a)   (b)   (c)  (d)
(A) (iii)  (iv)   (ii)   (i)
(B) (ii)   (iii)   (i)   (iv)
(C) (ii)   (i)    (iv)  (iii)
(D) (iv)  (iii)   (i)   (ii)
Answer: A
65.    Consider the methods used by processes P1 and P2 for accessing their critical sections. The initial values of shared Boolean variables S1 and S2 are randomly assigned,
P1                                                       P2
while (S1 = = S2);                            while (S1 = = S2);
critical section                                   critical section
S1 = S2;                                             S1 = S2;
Which one of the following statements describes the properties achieved ?
(A) Mutual exclusion but not progress
(B) Progress but not mutual exclusion
(C) Neither mutual exclusion nor progress
(D) Both mutual exclusion and progress
Answer: C
66.    If the period of a signal is 1000 ms, then what is its frequency in kilohertz ?
(A) 10–3 KHz     (B) 10–2 KHz
(C) 10–1 KHz     (D) 1 KHz
Answer: A
67.    Let a * H and b * H be two cosets of H.
(i) Either a * H and b * H are disjoint
(ii) a * H and b * H are identical
(A) only (i) is true
(B) only (ii) is true
(C) (i) or (ii) is true
(D) (i) and (ii) is false
Answer: C
68.    HTML is defined using SGML – an ……………. standard, information processing-text and office systems (SGML) for text information processing.
(A) ISO – 8878             (B) ISO – 8879
(C) ISO – 8880             (D) ISO – 8881
Answer: B
69.    What is the meaning of ‘Hibernate’ in Windows XP/Windows 7 ?
(A) Restart the computers in safe mode.
(B) Restart the computers in normal mode.
(C) Shutdown the computer terminating all the running applications.
(D) Shutdown the computer without closing the running applications.
Answer: D
70.    Assume that we have constructor functions for both base class and derived class. Now consider the declaration in main( ). Base * P = New Derived; in what sequence will the constructor be called ?
(A) Derived class constructor followed by Base class constructor.
(B) Base class constructor followed by derived class constructor.
(C) Base class constructor will not be called.
(D) Derived class constructor will not be called.
Answer: B
71.    Which one of the following options is not a shell in UNIX system?
(A) Bourne Shell         (B) C Shell
(C) Net Shell                (D) Korn Shell
Answer: C
G1 and G2 are two graphs as shown :
(A) Both G1 and G2 are planar graphs.
(B) Both G1 and G2 are not planar graphs.
(C) G1 is planar and G2 is not planar graph.
(D) G1 is not planar and G2 is planar graph.
Answer: D
73.    In which file the compiler manage the various objects, which are used in windows programming ?
(A) Control File                        (B) Binary File
(C) Text File                  (D) Obj File
Answer: C
74.    On a disk with 1000 cylinders (0 to 999) find the number of tracks, the disk arm must move to satisfy all the requests in the disk queue. Assume the last request service was at track 345 and the head is moving toward track 0. The queue in FIFO order contains requests for the following tracks :
123, 874, 692, 475, 105, 376
(Assume SCAN algorithm)
(A) 2013                        (B) 1219
(C) 1967                        (D) 1507
Answer: B
75.    Halftoning is defined as
(A) a technique to obtain increased visual resolution using multiple intensity levels.
(B) a technique for using minimum number of intensity levels to obtain increased visual resolution.
(C) a technique to obtain increased visual resolution using maximum number of intensity levels.
(D) a technique for using appropriate number intensity levels to obtain increased visual resolution.
Answer: B

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