NTA UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper II June 2019 - Part 1

TEST DATE: 24-06-2019

1.         Let Aα0 denotes the α-cut of a fuzzy set A at α0. If α12, then
(a) Aα1 Aα2
(b) Aα1 Aα2
(c) Aα1 Aα2
(d) Aα1 Aα2
Answer: (a)
2.         Suppose that a computer program takes 100 seconds of execution time on a computer with multiplication operation responsible for 80 seconds of this time. How much do you have to improve the speed of multiplication operation if you are asked to execute this program four times faster?
(a) 14 times faster
(b) 15 times faster
(c) 16 times faster
(d) 17 times faster
Answer: (c)
3.         Which of the following statements is/are true?
P: In software engineering, defects that are discovered earlier are more expensive to fix.
Q: A software design is said to be a good design, if the components are strongly cohesive and weakly coupled.
Select the correct answer from the options given below:
(a) P only                   (b) Q only
(c) P and Q                (d) Neither P nor Q
Answer: (b)
4.         Consider double hashing of the form
h(k, i) = (h1(k) +  ih2(k)) mod m
where    h1(k) = k mod m
h2(k) = 1 + (k mod n)
where n = m-1 and m = 701
For k = 123456, what is the difference between first and second probes in terms of slots?
(a) 255            (b) 256
(c) 257             (d) 258
Answer: (c)
5.         Which of the following statements is/are true?
P: An XML document with correct syntax as specified by W3C is called “Well Formed”.
Q: An XML documented validated against a DTD is both “Well formed” and “Valid”.
R: <xml version = “1.0” encoding = “UTF-8”> is syntactly correct declaration for the version of an XML document.
Select the correct answer from the options given below:
(a) P and Q only         (b) P and R only
(c) Q and R only         (d) All of P, Q and R
Answer: (a)
6.         Which of the following features is supported in the relational database model?
(a) Complex data-types
(b) Multivalued attributes
(c) Association with multiplicities
(d) Generalization relationships
Answer: (c)
7.         A fuzzy conjunction operator denoted as t(x, y) and a fuzzy disjunction operator denoted as s(x, y) form a dual pair if they satisfy the condition:
(a) t(x, y) = 1 - s(x, y)                     (b) t(x, y) = s(1-x, 1-y)
(c) t(x, y) = 1 - s(1-x, 1-y)     (d) t(x, y) = s(1+x, 1+y)
Answer: (c)
8.         Suppose that a connected planar graph has six vertices, each of degree four. Into how many regions is the plane divided by a planar representation of this graph?
(a) 6                (b) 8
(c) 12              (d) 20
Answer: (b)
9.         The M components in MVC are responsible for
(a) user interface
(b) security of the system
(c) business logic and domain objects
(d) translating between user interface actions/events and operations on the domain
Answer: (c)
10.     Software reuse is
(a) the process of analysing software with the objective of recovering its design and specification.
(b) the process of using existing software artifacts and knowledge to build new software.
(c) concerned with reimplementing legacy system to make them more maintainable.
(d) the process of analysing software to create a representation of a higher level of abstraction and breaking software down into its parts to see how it works.
Answer: (b)
11.     Using the phong reflectance model, the strength of the specular highlight is determined by the angle between
(a) the view vector and the normal vector
(b) the light vector and the normal vector
(c) the light vector and the reflected vector
(d) the reflected vector and the view vector
Answer: (d)
12.     Suppose that the register A and the register K have the bit configuration. Only the three leftmost bits of A are compared with memory words because K has 1’s in these positions. Because of its organization, this type of memory is uniquely suited to parallel searches by data association. This type of memory is known as
(a) RAM
(b) ROM
(c) Content addressable memory
(d) Secondary memory
Answer: (c)
13.     Consider a raster system with resolution 640 by 480. What size is frame buffer (in bytes) for this system to store 12 bits per pixel?
(a) 450 kilobytes         (b) 500 kilobytes
(c) 350 kilobytes         (d) 400 kilobytes
Answer: (a)
14.     Consider the following:
(1) Evolution              (2) Selection
(3) Reproduction        (4) Mutation
Which of the following are found in genetic algorithms?
(a) (2), (3) and (4) only         (b) (2) and (4) only
(c) (1), (2), (3) and (4)                    (d) (1), (2) and (4) only
Answer: (c)
15.     Match List-I with List-II:
(Software Process Models)
(Software Systems)
(A) Waterfall model
(i) e-business software that starts with only the basic functionalities and then moves on to more advanced features.
(B) Incremental development
(ii) An inventory control system for a supermarket to be developed within three months.
(C) Prototyping
(iii) A virtual reality system for simulating vehicle navigation in a highway.
(iv) Automate the manual system for student record maintenance in a school.
Choose the correct option from those given below:
(a) (A)-(ii), (B)-(iv), (C)-(i), (D)-(iii)
(b) (A)-(i), (B)-(iii), (C)-(iv), (D)-(ii)
(c) (A)-(iii), (B)-(ii), (C)-(iv), (D)-(i)
(d) (A)-(iv), (B)-(i), (C)-(iii), (D)-(ii)
Answer: (d)
16.         The minimum number of page frames that must be allocated to a running process in a virtual memory environment is determined by
(a) page size
(b) physical size of memory
(c) the instruction set architecture
(d) number of processes in memory
Answer: (c)
17.         For a statement
A language L⊆ Σ* is recursive if there exists some turing machine M.
Which of the following conditions is satisfied for any string ω ?
(a) If ω L, then M accepts ω and M will not halt.
(b) If ω L, then M accepts ω and M will halt by reaching at final state.
(c) If ω L, then M halts without reaching to acceptable state.
(d) If ω L, then M halts without reaching to an acceptable state.
Answer: (c)
18.         Consider the following statements:
S1: For any integer n>1, aϕ(n) = 1(mod n) for all a Z*n, where ϕ(n) is Euler’s phi function.
S2: If p is prime, then ap = 1(mod p) for all a Z*n.
Which one of the following is/are correct?
(a) Only S1
(b) Only S2
(c) Both S1 and S2
(d) Neither S1 nor S2
Answer: (a)
19.         Consider the Euler’s phi function given by
where p runs over all the primes dividing n. What is the value of ϕ(45) ?
(a) 3                (b) 12
(c) 6                (d) 24
Answer: (d)
20.         Consider the following pseudo-code fragment in which an invariant for the loop is “ m*xk = pn and k ≥ 0 ” (here, p and n are integer variables that have been initialized):
/* Pre-conditions: p ≥ 1 ᴧ n ≥ 0 */
/* Assume that overflow never occurs */
int x = p; int k = n; int m = 1;
while ( k<>0){
if (k is odd) then m = m*x;
x = x*x;
k = ⌊k/2⌋; /* floor(k /2) */
Which of the following must be true at the end of the while loop?
(a) x = pn
(b) m = pn
(c) p = xn
(d) p = mn
Answer: (b)

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