UGC NET Computer Science Solved Questions December 2013 Paper 3 - Part 5

41.       The Greibach normal form grammar for the language L={an bn+1|n≥0} is
(A) S→a SB, B→bB|λ
(B) S→a SB, B→bB|b
(C) S→a SB|b, B→b
(D) S→a Sb|b
Answer: C
42.       Given the following statements:
S1: Every context-sensitive language L is recursive.
S2: There exists a recursive language that is not context sensitive.
Which statement is correct?
(A) S1 is not correct and S2 is not correct.
(B) S1 is not correct and S2 is correct.
(C) S1 is correct and S2 is not correct.
(D) S1 is correct and S2 is correct.
Answer: D
43.       What is the bit rate for transmitting uncompressed 800x600 pixel colour frames with 8 bits/pixel at 40 frames/second ?
(A) 2.4 Mbps    
(B) 15.36 Mbps
(C) 153.6 Mbps           
(D) 1536 Mbps
Answer: C
The number of bits/sec = 800x600x40x8 or 153.6 Mbps.
44.       In IPV 4, the IP address belongs to
(A) Class A
(B) Class B
(C) Class C
(D) Class D
Answer: C
45.       Which layer of OSI reference model is responsible for decomposition of messages and generation of sequence numbers to ensure correct re-composition from end to end of the network?
(A) Physical
(B) Data-link
(C) Transport
(D) Application
Answer: C
46.       A client-server system uses a satellite network, with the satellite at a height of 40,000 kms. What is the best-case delay in response to a request? (Note that the speed of light in air is 3,00,000 km/second).
(A) 133.33 m sec
(B) 266.67 m sec
(C) 400.00 m sec
(D) 533.33 m sec
Answer: D
The request has to go up and down, and the response has to go up and down. The total
path length traversed is thus 160,000 km. The speed of light in air and vacuum is
300,000 km/sec, so the propagation delay alone is 160,000/300,000 sec or about 533 msec.
47.       The start and stop bits are used in serial communication for
(A) error detection
(B) error correction
(C) synchronization   
(D) slowing down the communication
Answer: C
48.       ..................... is a type of transmission impairment in which the signal loses strength due to the resistance of the transmission medium.
(A) Attenuation
(B) Distortion
(C) Noise
(D) Decibel
Answer: A
49.       Match the following:
a. Indexed Addressing
b. Direct Addressing
c. Register Addressing
d. Base-Indexed Addressing
i. is not used when an operand is moved from memory into a register or from a register
to memory.
ii. Memory address is computed by adding up two registers plus an (optional) offset.
iii. Addressing memory by giving a register plus a content offset.
iv. can only be used to access global variables whose address is known at compile 
      a  b   c   d
(A) ii   i    iv  iii
(B) ii   iv  i    iii
(C) iii  iv  i    ii
(D) iii  i   iv   ii
Answer: C
50.    Which of the following is a design criteria for instruction formats?
(A) The size of instructions
(B) The numbers of bits in the address fields
(C) The sufficient space in the instruction format to express all the operations desired.
(D) All of these
Answer: D

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