Kerala SET Computer Science Paper II 2010 - Part 3

41.       Which of the following is an output postfix notation of (A-B)*(C/D)+E?
(A) AB-CD/*E+
(B) AB-CDE/*+
(C) ABCDE-/*+
(D) ABCDE+*/-
Answer: A
42.       Back-patching is useful for handling
(A) Conditional jumps
(B) Unconditional jumps
(C) Backward references
(D) Forward references
Answer: D
43.       The minimum time delay between the intiations of two independent memory operations is called
(A) Access time
(B) Cycle time
(C) Transfer rate
(D) Latency time
Answer: B
44.       Which of the following does not need extra hardware for DRAM refreshing?
(A) 8085
(B) Motorola-6800
(C) Z-80
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
45.       The first operating system used in microprocessors is
(A) Zenix
(C) CP/M
(D) Multics
Answer: C
46.       Which of the following is a programmable internal timer?
(A) 8251
(B) 8250
(C) 8253
(D) 8275
Answer: C
47.       Which of the following weights make the complement operation easier in BCD form?
(A) 8-4-2-1
(B) Excess-3
(C) 2-4-2-1
(D) 3-2-1-0
Answer: C
48.       The binary equivalent of the decimal number 0.4375 is
(A) 0.0111
(B) 0.1011
(C) 0.1100
(D) 0.1010
Answer: A
49.       The number of columns in a state table for the sequential circuit with’m’ flipflops and ‘n’ input is
(A) m+n
(B) m+2n
(C) 2m+n
(D) 2m+2n
Answer: C
50.    Which chips are erasable by ultra violet rays after removing them from the main circuit?
(A) EPROM chips
(B) EEPROM chips
(C) PROM chips
(D) All of the above
Answer: A

51.    Which of the following logic families is well suited for high speed operation?
Answer: B
52.    Which of the following interrupts is both edge and level sensitive?
(A) RST5.5
(C) RST 7.5
Answer: D
53.    The ASCII code 56 represents the character
(A) V
(B) 8
(C) a
(D) Carriage return
Answer: B
54.    Which of the following is the minimum error code?
(A) Octal code
(B) Binary code
(C) Gray code
(D) Excess-3 code
Answer: C
55.    Which of the following is volatile?
(A) Bubble memory
(D) Magnetic disc
Answer: B
56.    How many flip fops are needed to divide by 16?
(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 8
(D) 16
Answer: B
57.    The maximum number of I/O devices that can be addressed by INTEL 8085 is
(A) 65536
(B) 255
(C) 512
(D) 256
Answer: D
58.    The instruction used to shift right the accumulator contents by one bit through the carry flag bit is
Answer: D
59.    Tera is two to the power of
(A) 32
(B) 30
(C) 40
(D) 25
Answer: C
60.    The maximum number of nodes on level i of a binary tree is
(A) 2 i-1
(B) 3 i-1
(C) i+1
(D) 2 i+1
Answer: A

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