Kerala SET Computer Science Paper II 2010 - Part 2

21.       Spatial locality refers to the problem that once a location is referenced
(A) It will not be referenced again
(B) It will be referenced again
(C) A nearby location will be referenced soon
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
22.       Virtual memory is
(A) An extremely large main memory
(B) An extremely large secondary memory
(C) An illusion of an extremely large memory
(D) A type of memory used in super computers
Answer: C
23.       Fragmentation is
(A) Dividing secondary memory into equal sized fragments
(B) Dividing main memory into equal sized fragments
(C) Fragments of memory words used in a page
(D) Fragments of memory words unused in a page
Answer: D
24.       Dijkstra’s banking algorithm in an operating system solves
(A) Deadlock avoidance
(B) Deadlock recovery
(C) Mutual exclusion
(D) Context switching
Answer: A
25.       Sector interleaving in disks is done by the
(A) Disk manufacturer
(B) Disk controller cord
(C) Operating system
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
26.       Pre-emptive scheduling, is the strategy of temporarily suspending a running process
(A) Before the CPU time expires     
(B) To allow starving process to run
(C) When it requests I/O                    
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
27.       Dirty bit is used to show the
(A) Page with corrupted data
(B) Wrong page in memory
(C) Page that is modified after being loaded into cache memory
(D) Page that is less frequently accessed
Answer: C
28.       In Round-Robin CPU scheduling, as the time quantum is increased, the average turn around time
(A) Increases
(B) Decreases
(C) Remains constant
(D) Varies irregularly
Answer: D
29.       Which of the following is a service not supported by the operating system?
(A) Resource management
(B) Accounting
(C) Compilation
(D) I/O operation
Answer: C
30.    Which of the following is true?
(A) The linkage editor is used to edit programs to be later linked together
(B) The linkage editor links object modules during compiling or assembling
(C) The linkage editor links object modules and resolves external references between them before loading
(D) The linkage editor resolves external references between object modules during execution time
Answer: C

31.    Cascading termination refers to termination of all child processes before the parent terminates
(A) Normally only
(B) Abnormally only
(C) Normally or abnormally
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
32.    The main function of shared memory is to
(A) Use primary memory efficiently
(B) Do intra process communication
(C) Do inter process communication
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
33.    Which of the following scheduling algorithms gives minimum average waiting time?
(C) Round-Robin
(D) Priority
Answer: B
34.    Which of the following is true about Thrashing?
(A) Reduces page I/O
(B) Decreases the degree of multi-programming
(C) Implies excessive page I/O
(D) Improves system performance
Answer: C
35.    Pumping lemma is generally used for proving
(A) A given grammar is not regular
(B) A given grammar is regular
(C) Whether two given regular expressions are equivalent
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
36.    Let A, B and C are three languages. If A and C are regular and if AB=C then
(A) C has to be regular
(B) C cannot be regular
(C) C need not be regular
(D) C has to be a CFL
Answer: C
37.    In a compiler, grouping of characters into tokens is done by the
(A) Code generator
(B) Parser
(C) Scanner
(D) Code optimizer
Answer: C
38.    A top-down parser generates
(A) Left-most derivation
(B) Right-most derivation
(C) Right –most derivation in reverse
(D) Left-most derivation in reverse
Answer: A
39.    Which of the following symbol table implementation is based on the property of locality of reference?
(A) Linear list
(B) Search tree
(C) Hash table
(D) Self-Organisation list
Answer: D
40.    The technique of replacing run time computations by compile time computations is called
(A) Constant folding
(B) Code hoisting
(C) Peephole optimization
(D) Invariant computation
Answer: A

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