Data Structures and Algorithms Multiple Choice Questions - Set 8

71.       A tree in which, for every node, the difference between the height of its left subtree and right subtree is not more than one is
(A) AVL Tree
(B) Complete Binary Tree
(C) B – Tree
(D) B+ Tree
Answer: A
72.       The data structure needed to convert a recursion to an iterative procedure is ............
(A) Queue
(B) Graph
(C) Stack
(D) Tree
Answer: C
73.       Which of the following uses FIFO method?
(A) Queue
(B) Stack
(C) Hash Table
(D) Binary Search Tree
Answer: A
74.       A binary tree stored using linked representation can be converted to its mirror image by traversing it in ...............
(A) In-order
(B) Pre-order
(C) Post-order
(D) Any order
Answer: B
75.       Minimum number of spanning tree in a connected graph is .............
(A) n
(B) nn - 1
(C) 1
(D) 0
Answer: C

76.       Which of the following algorithm cannot be designed without recursion?
(A) Tower of Hanoi
(B) Fibonacci Series
(C) Tree Traversal
(D) None of the above
Answer: D
77.       The prefix form of an infix expression A+B-C*D is
(A) +AB-*CD
(B) -+A B C * D
(C) -+A B * C D
(D) - + *ABCD
Answer: C
78.       Binary search tree is an example of complete binary tree with special attributes:
(A) BST does not care about complete binary tree properties.
(B) BST takes care of complete binary tree properties.
(C) It depends upon the input.
(D) None of the above.
Answer: A
79.       For a binary search algorithm to work, it is necessary that the array must be ............
(A) sorted
(B) unsorted
(C) in a heap
(D) popped out of stack
Answer: A
80.    A random access file is organized most like a(n):
(A) Array
(B) Object
(C) Class
(D) Pointer
Answer: A

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