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Thursday, 3 November 2016

C & C++ Programming Multiple Choice Questions - Set 31

1.       What is the output of the following statement:
printf (“%-3d”,12345);
(A) 1 2 3                         (B) -1 2 3
(C) 1 2 3 4 5                  (D) 12
Answer: C
printf statement would print 12345.
2.       A single character input from the keyboard can be obtained by using the function.
(A) printf ()                     (B) scanf ()
(C) putchar ()                (D) getchar ()
Answer: D
Reading a single character can be done by using the function getchar().
3.       Which of the following language is a subset of C++ language?
(A) C language                        (B) Java Language
(C) C# language          (D) B language
Answer: A
4.       Which of the following correctly describes C++ language?
(A) Statically typed language
(B) Dynamically typed language
(C) Both Statically and dynamically typed language
(D) Type-less language
Answer: A
5.       Which of the following keyword supports dynamic method resolution?
(A) Abstract                   (B) Virtual
(C) Dynamic                 (D) Typeid
Answer: B

6.       Which of the following concept is not supported by C++?
(A) Exception Handling                      (B) Reflection
(C) Operator Overloading                   (D) Namespaces
Answer: B
7.       Which of the following language feature is not an access specifier in C++?
(A) Public                      (B) Private
(C) Protected                (D) Internal
Answer: D
8.       What does STL stand for?
(A) Simple Template Library              (B) Standard Template Library
(C) Static Type Library                        (D) Single Type-based Library
Answer: B
9.       Which of the following is the most common way of implementing C++?
(A) C++ programs are directly compiled into native code by a compiler
(B) C++ programs are first compiled to intermediate code by a compiler and then executed by a virtual machine
(C) C++ programs are interpreted by an interpreter
(D) A C++ editor directly compiles and executes the program
Answer: A
10.    What is the implicit pointer that is passed as the first argument for non-static member functions?
(A) self pointer             (B) std::auto_ptr pointer
(C) Myself pointer        (D) this pointer
Answer: D


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