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Saturday, 29 October 2016

UGC NET Computer Science Paper II Previous Questions December 2012 - Part 4

31.       Basis path testing falls under
(A) system testing                    (B) white box testing
(C) black box testing               (D) unit testing
Answer: B
32.       The User Work Area (UWA) is a set of Program variables declared in the host program to communicate the contents of individual records between
(A) DBMS & the Host record
(B) Host program and Host record
(C) Host program and DBMS
(D) Host program and Host language
Answer: C
33.       Consider the tree given below :
Using the property of eccentricity of a vertex, find every vertex that is the centre of the given tree.
(A) d&h                                      (B) c&k
(C) g, b, c, h, i, m                      (D) c&h
Answer: D
34.       The maximum number of keys stored in a B-tree of order m and depth d is
Answer: Marks given to all
maximum number of keys  = m(d+1)–1
35.       Which of the following is the most powerful parsing method ?
(A) LL(I)             (B) Canonical LR
(C) SLR             (D) LALR
Answer: B

36.       In UNIX, which of the following command is used to set the task priority ?
(A) init                (B) nice
(C) kill                (D) PS
Answer: B
37.       AES is a round cipher based on the Rijndal Algorithm that uses a 128-bit block of data. AES has three different configurations. …………. rounds with a key size of 128 bits, …………. rounds with a key size of 192 bits and ……………. rounds with a key size of 256 bits.
(A) 5, 7, 15                    (B) 10, 12, 14
(C) 5, 6, 7                      (D) 20, 12, 14
Answer: B
38.       Match the following IC families with their basic circuits :
a. TTL                 1. NAND
b. ECL               2. NOR
c. CMOS            3. Inverter
Code :
   a   b   c
(A) 1   2   3
(B) 3   2   1
(C) 2   3   1
(D) 2   1   3
Answer: A
39.       Match the following with respect to C++ data types :
a. User defined type    1. Qualifier
b. Built in type             2. Union
c. Derived type             3. Void
d. Long double                         4. Pointer
Code :
      a  b  c  d
(A) 2  3  4  1
(B) 3  1  4  2
(C) 4  1  2  3
(D) 3  4  1  2
Answer: A
40.    Given an empty stack, after performing push (1), push (2), Pop, push (3), push (4), Pop, Pop, push(5), Pop, what is the value of the top of the stack ?
(A) 4                   (B) 3
(C) 2                   (D) 1
Answer: D

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