CBSE UGC NET Computer Science Paper III Solved December 2015 - Part 7

61.       Consider the following three SQL queries (Assume the data in the people table) :
(a) Select Name from people where Age>21;
(b) Select Name from people where Height>180;
(c) Select Name from people where (Age>21) or (Height>180);
If the SQL queries (a) and (b) above, return 10 rows and 7 rows in the result set respectively, then what is one possible number of rows returned by the SQL query (c) ? (A) 3   (B) 7
(C) 10     (D) 21
Answer: C
62.       The distributed system is a collection of (P) and communication is achieved in distributed system by (Q) , where (P) and (Q) are :
(A) Loosely coupled hardware on tightly coupled software and disk sharing, respectively.
(B) Tightly coupled hardware on loosely coupled software and shared memory, respectively.
(C) Tightly coupled software on loosely coupled hardware and message passing,
(D) Loosely coupled software on tightly coupled hardware and file sharing, respectively.
Answer: C
63.       Consider the following three tables R, S and T. In this question, all the join operations are natural joins (). (π) is the projection operation of a relation :
Possible answer tables for this question are also given as below :
What is the resulting table of πA,B(RT)πB,C(ST) ?
(A) (a)                 (B) (b)
(C) (c)                 (D) (d)
Answer: A
64.       Consider the two class classification task that consists of the following points :
Class C1: [-1, -1], [-1, 1], [1, -1]
Class C2: [1, 1]
The decision boundary between the two classes C1 and C2 using single perceptron is given by :
(A) x1-x2-0.5=0              (B) -x1+x2-0.5=0
(C) 0.5(x1+x2)-1.5=0     (D) x1+x2-0.5=0
Answer: D
65.       Consider a standard additive model consisting of rules of the form of
If x is Ai AND y is Bi THEN z is Ci.
Given crisp inputs x=x0, y=y0, the output of the model is :

Answer: C

66.       A bell-shaped membership function is specified by three parameters (a, b, c) as follows:

Answer: B
67.       Which of the following is/are the principle components of a memory-tube display ?
(a) Flooding gun                      (b) Collector
(c) Phosphorus grains            (d) Ground
Codes :
(A) (a) and (b)               (B) (c) only
(C) (d) only                    (D) All the above
Answer: D
68.       Which of the following steps is/are not required for analog to digital conversion ?
(a) Sensing                  (b) Conversion         (c) Amplification
(d) Conditioning          (e) Quantization
Codes :
(A) (a) and (b)               (B) (c) and (d)
(C) (a), (b) and (e)        (D) None of the above
Answer: D
69.       Which raster locations would be chosen by Bresenham’s algorithm when scan converting a line from (1, 1) to (8, 5) ?
Answer: C
70.    Consider a unit square centred at origin. The coordinates of the square are translated by a factor (1/2, 1) and rotated by an angle of 90o. What shall be the coordinates of the new
square ?
(A) (-1/2, 0), (-1/2, 1), (-3/2, 1), (-3/2, 0)
(B) (-1/2, 0), (1/2, 1), (3/2, 1), (3/2, 0)
(C) (-1/2, 0), (1/2, 0), (-3/2, 1), (-3/2, 0)
(D) (-1/2, 0), (1/2, 1), (-3/2, 1), (-3/2, 0)
Answer: A

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