UGC NET Computer Science Paper II June 2013 (Re-test 8th Sept. 2013) - Part 1

1.       A file is downloaded in a home computer using a 56 kbps MODEM connected to an Internet Service Provider. If the download of file completes in 2 minutes, what is the maximum size of data downloaded?
(A) 112 Mbits                (B) 6.72 Mbits
(C) 67.20 Mbits             (D) 672 Mbits
Answer: B
2.       In ................ CSMA protocol, after the station finds the line idle, it sends or refrains from sending based on the outcome of a random number generator.
(A) Non-persistent       (B) 0-persistent
(C) 1-persistent                        (D) p-persistent
Answer: D
3.       Which of the following substitution technique have the relationship between a character in the plaintext and a character in the ciphertext as one-to-many?
(A) Monoalphabetic    (B) Polyalphabetic
(C) Transpositional     (D) None of the above
Answer: B
4.       What is the maximum length of CAT-5 UTP cable in Fast Ethernet network?
(A) 100 meters              (B) 200 meters
(C) 1000 meters           (D) 2000 meters
Answer: A
5.       The ................ is a set of standards that defines how a dynamic web document should be written, how input data should be supplied to the program, and how the output result should be used.
(A) Hyper Text Markup Language
(B) File Transfer Protocol
(C) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
(D) Common Gateway Interface
Answer: D

6.       The count-to-infinity problem is associated with
(A) Flooding algorithm
(B) Hierarchical routing algorithm
(C) Distance vector routing algorithm
(D) Link state routing algorithm
Answer: C
7.       The IEEE single-precision and double-precision format to represent floating-point numbers, has a length of ................. and ................ respectively.
(A) 8 bits and 16 bits               (B) 16 bits and 32 bits
(C) 32 bits and 64 bits             (D) 64 bits and 128 bits
Answer: C
8.       Consider an undirected graph G with 100 nodes. The maximum number of edges to be included in G so that the graph is not connected is
(A) 2451            (B) 4950
(C) 4851            (D) 9900
Answer: C
9.       The amortized time complexity to perform ............. operation(s) in Splay trees is O(Ig n).
(A) Search                                (B) Search and Insert
(C) Search and Delete           (D) Search, Insert and Delete
Answer: D
10.    Suppose that the splits at every level of Quicksort are in proportion 1-β to β, where 0<β≤0.5 is a constant. The number of elements in an array is n. The maximum depth is approximately
(A) 0.5 β Ig n
(B) 0.5 (1–β) Ig n
(C) – (Ig n)/(Ig β)
(D) – (Ig n)/Ig (1–β)
Answer: D

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