Maharashtra SET Computer Science Paper II April 2017 - Part 1

1.       A planar graph has V vertices, E edges and F faces. Then:
(A) V + E = F + 2
(B) V + F = E + 2
(C) V – E + F + 2 = 0
(D) There is no relation between V, E and F
Answer: B
2.       Gm,n is a bipartite graph. Then which of the following is true ?
(A) Gm,n is two-colourable
(B) Gm,n is m-colourable if m > n
(C) Gm,n is m-colourable if m < n
(D) Gm,n is two-colourable if it is a complete bipartite graph.
Answer: A
3.       In how many ways can a four digit number with distinct digits be formed ?
(A) 2187
(B) 6561           
(C) 5040
(D) 4536
Answer: D
4.       A pair of fair dice is thrown and the sum is noted. The probability that it equals 10 is given by:
(A) (1/6)3
(B) 1/12
(C) 1/36
(D) 1/15
Answer: B
5.       Consider the following CFG :
A→Aa | ϵ
(A) It is in Kleen's normal form.
(B) It is not in Chomsky normal form.
(C) It is not in Kleen's normal form.
(D) It is in Chomsky normal form.
Answer: B

6.       A saturated logic circuit have the inherent property of :
(A) Short saturation delay time
(B) Low switching speed
(C) Low noise immunity
(D) High power dissipation
Answer: B
7.       A circuit which is used for parallel to serial converter is :
(A) Multiplexer
(B) De-multiplexer
(C) Decoder
(D) Digital Counter
Answer: A
8.       A toggling can be done using a single logic circuit is :
(A) AND gate
(B) X-OR gate
(C) X NOR gate
(D) NOR gate
Answer: B
9.       Using 8 bits, how many binary numbers can be created ?
(A) 64 numbers
(B) 128 numbers
(C) 256 numbers
(D) 8 numbers
Answer: C
10.    Which is not a "positional notation system" ?
(A) Binary number system
(B) Hexadecimal number system
(C) Roman number system
(D) Decimal number system
Answer: C

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