GATE Computer Science Solved Paper 2017 Session II - Part 1

Q.1 - Q.25 carry one mark each.

1.       The representation of the value of a 16-bit unsigned integer X in hexadecimal number system is BCA9. The representation of the value of X in octal number system is
(A) 571244
(B) 736251
(C) 571247
(D) 136251
Answer: D
2.       Match the following:
(A) P→(ii), Q→(iv), R→(i), S→(iii)
(B) P→(ii), Q→(i), R→(iv), S→(iii)
(C) P→(ii), Q→(iv), R→(iii), S→(i)
(D) P→(iii), Q→(iv), R→(i), S→(ii)
Answer: A
3.       Match the algorithms with their time complexities:
(A) P→(iii), Q→(iv), R→(i), S→(ii)
(B) P→(iv), Q→(iii), R→(i), S→(ii)
(C) P→(iii), Q→(iv), R→(ii), S→(i)
(D) P→(iv), Q→(iii), R→(ii), S→(i)
Answer: C
4.       Let L1, L2 be any two context-free languages and R be any regular language. Then which of the following is/are CORRECT?
I. L1 U L2 is context-free.
II. L1’ is context-free.
III. L1 - R is context-free.
W L1 ∩ L2 is context-free.
(A) I, II and IV only
(B) I and III only
(C) II and IV only
(D) I only
Answer: B
5.       Match the following according to input (from the left column) to the compiler phase (in the right column) that processes it:
(A) P→(ii), Q→(iii), R→(iv), S→(i)
(B) P→(ii), Q→(i), R→(iii), S→(iv)
(C) P→(iii), Q→(iv), R→(i), S→(ii)
(D) P→(i), Q→(iv), R→(ii), S→(iii)
Answer: C

6.       Which of the following statements about parser is/are CORRECT?
I. Canonical LR is more powerful than SLR.
II. SLR is more powerful than LALR.
III. SLR is more powerful than Canonical LR.
(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) II and III only
Answer: A
7.       Which of the following is/are shared by all the threads in a process?
I. Program counter
II. Stack
III. Address space
IV. Registers
(A) I and II only
(B) III only
(C) IV only
(D) III and IV only
Answer: B
8.       In a file allocation system, which of the following allocation scheme(s) can be used if no external fragmentation is allowed?
I. Contiguous
II. Linked
III. Indexed
(A) I and III only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) II and III only
Answer: D
9.       Consider the following statements about the routing protocols, Routing Information Protocol (RIP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) in an IPv4 network.
I: RIP uses distance vector routing
II: RIP packets are sent using UDP
III: OSPF packets are sent using TCP
IV: OSPF operation is based on link-state routing
Which of the statements above are CORRECT?
(A) I and IV only
(B) I, II and III only
(C) I, II and IV only
(D) II, III and IV only
Answer: C
10.    If
then the constants R and S are, respectively
(A) 2/π and 16/π
(B) 2/π and 0
(C) 4/π and 0
(D) 4/π and 16/π
Answer: C

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