CBSE UGC NET Computer Science Paper II Solved December 2015 - Part 2

11.       Consider the following program:
    int i, inp;
    float x, term=1, sum=0;
    scanf(“%d %f”,&inp, &x);
The program computes the sum of which of the following series?
(A) x+x2/2+x3/3+x4/4+...           (B) x+x2/2!+x3/3!+x4/4!+...
(C) 1+x2/2+x3/3+x4/4+...           (D) 1+x2/2!+x3/3!+x4/4!+...
Answer: B
12.       Consider the following two statements:
(a) A publicly derived class is a subtype of its base class.
(b) Inheritance provides for code reuse.
Which of the following statements is correct?
(A) Both the statements (a) and (b) are correct
(B) Neither of the statements (a) and (b) are correct
(C) Statement (a) is correct and (b) is incorrect
(D) Statement (a) is incorrect and (b) is correct
Answer: A
13.       Consider a “CUSTOMERS” database table having a column “CITY” filled with all the names of Indian cities (in capital letters). The SQL statement that finds all cities that have “GAR” somewhere in its name, is:
(A) Select *from customers where city=’%GAR%’;
(B) Select *from customers where city=’$GAR$’;
(C) Select *from customers where city like ‘%GAR%’;
(D) Select *from customers where city as ’%GAR’;
Answer: C
14.       Match the following database terms to their functions:
List-I                                       List-II
(a) Normalization                     (i) Enforces match of primary key to foreign key
(b) Data Dictionary                  (ii) Reduces data redundancy in a database
(c) Referential Integrity           (iii) Define view(s) of the database for particular user(s).
(d) External Schema               (iv) Contains metadata describing database structure.
      (a)   (b)   (c)    (d)
(A) (iv)   (iii)   (i)   (ii)
(B) (ii)    (iv)   (i)   (iii)
(C) (ii)   (iv)   (iii)   (i)
(D) (iv)   (iii)   (ii)   (i)
Answer: B
15.       In general, in a recursive and non-recursive implementation of a problem (program):
(A) Both time and space complexities are better in recursive than in non-recursive program
(B) Both time and space complexities are better in non-recursive than in recursive program
(C) Time complexity is better in recursive version but space complexity is better in non-recursive version of the program
(D) Space complexity is better in recursive version but time complexity is better in non-recursive version of the program
Answer: B

16.       A three dimensional array in ‘C’ is declared as int A[x][y][z]. Here, the address of an item at the location A[p][q][r] can be computed as follows (where w is the word length of an integer):
(A) &A[0][0][0]+w(y*z*q+z*p+r)
(B) &A[0][0][0]+w(y*z*p+z*q+r)
(C) &A[0][0][0]+w(x*y*p+z*q+r)
(D) &A[0][0][0]+w(x*y*q+z*p+r)
Answer: B
17.       In C++, which system-provided function is called when no handler is provided to deal with an exception?
(A) terminate()              (B) unexpected()
(C) abort()                      (D) kill()
Answer: A
18.       Which of the following provides the best description of an entity type?
(A) A specific concrete object with a defined set of processes (e.g. Jatin with diabetes)
(B) A value given to a particular attribute (e.g. height-230 cm)
(C) A thing that we wish to collect data about zero or more, possibly real world examples of it may exist.
(D) A template for a group of things with the same set of characteristics that may exist in the real world
Answer: D
19.       Data which improves the performance and accessibility of the database are called:
(A) Indexes                               (B) User Data
(C) Application Metadata       (D) Data Dictionary
Answer: A
20.    A relation R={A,B,C,D,E,F,G} is given with following set of functional dependencies:
F={AD→E, BE→F, B→C, AF→G}
Which of the following is a candidate key?
(A) A                   (B) AB
(C) ABC             (D) ABD
Answer: D

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