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UGC NET Computer Science Previous Paper II June 2009 - Part 2

21.       Which construct in SQL is used to test whether a subquery has any tuples in its result?
(A) UNIQUE                  (B) EXISTS
(C) GROUP BY            (D) EXCEPT
Answer: B
22.       ORACLE supports:
(A) inner join and outer join only
(B) outer join and semi join only
(C) inner join, outer join , semi join only
(D) inner join, outer join, semi join and anti join
23.       Which two of the following are equivalent for an undirected graph  G?
(i) G is a tree
(ii) There is at least one path between any two distinct vertices of G
(iii) G contains no cycles and has (n-1) edges
(iv) G has n edges
(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (i) and (iii)
(C) (i) and (iv)
(D) (ii) and (iii)
Answer: B
24.       In a B tree of order m with p nodes the average number of splits is at most:

Answer: B
25.       The prepositional formula given by the tree:
(A) ˄˅x2˅x1¬x1¬x1
(B) (x2˅¬x2)˄(x1˅x2)
(C) (¬x1˅x2)˄(¬x1˅x2)
(D) None
Answer: C
26.       Queue is a ............. list.
(A) LIFO             (B) LILO
(C) FILO                        (D) FIFO
Answer: D
27.       In a full binary tree of height k, there are ................. internal nodes.
(A) 2k-1              (B) 2k-1
(C) 2k                  (D) 2k+1
Answer: A
28.       A binary tree is said to have heap property if the elements along any path:
(A) from leaf to root are non-increasing
(B) from leaf to root are non-decreasing
(C) from root to leaf are non-decreasing
(D) from root to leaf are non-increasing
Answer: D
29.       X.25 protocol consists of:
(A) Physical and Frame levels
(B) Frame and Packet levels
(C) Physical, Frame and Packet levels
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
30.    GSM/CDMA systems:
(A) are limited to very low speed data
(B) require no local loop wires
(C) are predominantly used for voice
(D) all of the above
Answer: D

31.    Usually information security in a network is achieved by:
(A) Layering                  (B) Cryptography
(C) Grade of service    (D) None of the above
Answer: B
32.    The linker:
(A) is similar to interpreter
(B) uses source code as its input
(C) is required to create a load module
(D) none of the above
Answer: C
33.    In which addressing mode the operand is given explicitly in the instruction itself?
(A) Absolute mode      (B) Immediate mode
(C) Indirect mode         (D) Index mode
Answer: B
34.    A compiler that runs on one machine and produces code for a different machine is called:
(A) Cross compilation             (B) One pass compilation
(C) Two pass compilation      (D) None of the above
Answer: A
35.    Any syntactic construct that can be described by a regular expression can also be described by a:
(A) Context sensitive grammar
(B) Non context free grammar
(C) Context free grammar
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
36.    Find the odd man out:
(A) tail                (B) cut
(C) wart              (D) sed
Answer: C
37.    Which of the following changes permission to deny write permission to group and others?
(A) Chmod go-w filex              (B) Chmod go w filex
(C) Chmod go=w filex             (D) None of the above
Answer: A
38.    Variable partition memory management technique with compaction results in:
(A) Reduction of fragmentation
(B) Minimal wastage
(C) Segment sharing
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
39.    Capability Maturity Model is meant for:
(A) Product                               (B) Process
(C) Product and Process        (D) None of the above
Answer: B
40.     In the light of software engineering software consists of:
(A) Programs                (B) Data
(C) Documentation     (D) All of the above
Answer: D
41.    Which one of the following ISO standard is used for software process?
(A) ISO 9000     (B) ISO 9001
(C) ISO 9003    (D) ISO 9000-3
Answer: D
42.    Which of the following is used for test data generation?
(A) White box                           (B) Black box
(C) Boundary-value analysis            (D) All of the above
Answer: C
43.    Reverse engineering is the process which deals with:
(A) Size measurement            (B) Cost measurement
(C) Design recovery                (D) All of the above
Answer: C
44.    The spacing between character pairs is called:
(A) Kerning       (B) x-height
(C) intercap       (D) serif
Answer: A
45.    When compared with analog cellular systems, an advantage of digital TDMA cellular system is that:
(A) it is less complicated
(B) it requires less of computer memory
(C) it conserves spectrum bandwidth
(D) it costs less
Answer: C
46.    E-commerce includes:
(A) B2C (B) B2B
(C) C2C (D) All of the above
Answer: D
47.    A clustering technique that permits a convenient graphical display is:
(A) partition based clustering
(B) probabilistic model based clustering
(C) hierarchical clustering
(D) agglomerative clustering
Answer: C
48.    After sending a message, the sender should not be able to, at a later date, deny having sent the message, is referred to as:
(A) Authenticity                        (B) Non-Repudiability
(C) Auditability             (D) Repudiability
Answer: B
49.    The device which connects dissimilar LANs of different topologies using different sets of communication protocols so that information can flow from one to another is called:
(A) Router                     (B) Bridge
(C) Gateway                 (D) Switch
Answer: C
50.    We cannot delete the .................. icon but we can made it invisible.
(A) Recycle                               (B) My Computer
(C) Internet explorer                (D) None of the above
Answer: A

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